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Welcome to, a virtual presence now entering its sixteenth year. is different in that it is navigated through pictures and text links rather than the standard side or browser bar setup. If you are a first time visitor, all will be new and different to you. I urge you to explore. If you are a returning visitor, you will start to notice some subtle changes. I am, over time, revamping the entire site with new work, new contributors, new features, and new pictures.  The Spiritual Ponderings, Nature Tributes and the Rainy Day Room Reading sections will be more defined, but both will be accessible here on the home page. It is my wish that you simply find a moment of peace, a little food for thought, a reverie, a smile, and maybe an inspiration or two. Enjoy, and again, thank you for choosing to visit

This Site is Dedicated to Jerry Allen Haley 


Visited here . . . February 12, 1943
 Went Home . . . August 13, 1999



For the man he was, the life he lived, the Spirit he is, and the wisdom he taught me and his sons. He resides now 'somewhere over the rainbow'.

In Memorium For a Son . . . Vincent


Visited here . . . August 25, 1961
 Went Home . . . October 5,


A Tribute From a Mom


The Spirit, the mind, the body, the triune essence of a 'life'. The mind, I believe, is in continual change fed by experience, perception, biochemistry, emotions and thoughts. Fed by a myriad of beliefs with peaks and valleys, shades of color and hue and areas of isolation in varying degrees of brightness and darkness. I've found that it is in the isolated dark places that the soul is speaking, that the 'I' is attempting to guide the 'you' that IS. Because when it is time, it's only the 'I' that dies. The 'you' is the stuff made of stardust Divine. Think of that the next time you see a shooting star . . . another 'you' has gone home. Perhaps, to catch a ride on another star . . .


 Endings and Starts

Love and compassion are never apart . . .
What begins with one ends in a start.
Endings and starts guide our lives
To greater insights and deeper ties,
To the truth within us and the truth outside
Joined as they are by a Mutual Guide.


Candle in the Night Candles of Hope
by Sharon Johnson

" Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober; not to make us sorry but wise. "

~ H. G. Wells ~

"I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." 

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

The Edge of Chugache

In Loving Memory of

Jerry Allen Haley

~ ~ ~


A Return to the Energy

by Susan Haley

Love Remembering

by Joe Porter

"The Edge of Chugach"

a poem by Susan Haley

Spiritual Ponderings

Site Philosophy

Site Philosophy
Fibers in the Web by Sucarha

Fibers in the Web
A Tribute to Nature and Spirit

A Tribute to Nature and Spirit


  Wilderness Expressions
an Original Collection
by Paul Wamhof


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Earth . . . Our Home, Too


A Tribute to the Animals

Majesty of the Land - Summit of Mt. McKinley


A Tribute to the Land


Rainy Day People Room

A Section For Readers and Writers and Anyone That Loves Books


Rainy Day People by Susan Haley

Cover shot by Paul Wamhof

Rainy Day People makes its debut on YouTube.
Click Here to view the book video trailer by Apex Reviews.

A Real Place - An Excerpt



Rainy Day People is available at:

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Rainy Day People

By:Susan Haley

Reviewed By: 

Linda Waterson of Apex Reviews



Amber Returns to Maine!

And Other Songs of the Soul

By:Susan Haley


Available now at:



Toll Free 1-877-289-2665



The Other Side of Sucarha

Reviews for Rainy Day People  

The Writer's Soul

by: John Wolf


"A Long Wait is Over"

by: Dahris Clair


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Susan Haley


The Nuance of a Word


Susan Haley


Second Chance

by:  D. H. Clair


The Power of  a Feedback Flower


To Publish Or Not To Publish . . . And How


The Power Of Networking - Four Principles


Susan Honored With Global Blog Interview



See The Horses Of Proud Spirit


View four magnificent videos on horses living  as they  should live . . . with dignity and freedom.





For Anyone With a Dream

by: Susan Haley


Through the Eyes of an Editor

by: Susan Haley


The Circus is Coming to Town is Now Available as a Children's Ebook.



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of the Illustrated Ebook 



BB McPup missing Grandma

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"The True Tale


BB McPup"



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